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Gina Biography

Name: Gina

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Species: Mobian: Hedgehog

Hair color: Orange

Fur color: Brown

Eye color: Red

Powers/abilities/styles/gifts: Gina is an expert at any type of 'boarding': Hoverboarding, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Sandboarding, Surfboarding etc, due to the fact that she has astounding balance skills. She only has the skill of flight because of her frequent use of the hoverboard. She can fist fight quite well, but she isn't very strong or fast, so capturing her would be easy if it weren't for her friends keeping an eye out for her. Capturing her becomes hard once she is 'boarding'.

Weapon(s): Miniature guns on her hoverboard.

Birth town: Unknown

Previous towns: Space Colony ARK

Current town: Angel Island

Birth allegiance: Neutral

Previous allegiances: Neutral

Current allegiance: Hero

History: Gina was discovered by Dr. Gerald Robotnik and taken to the Space Colony ARK where she was studied extensively until the invasion of the ARK in which Maria Robotnik was killed. She became very close to Shadow The Hedgehog after that, referring to him as her best friend, though not realising that he did not return the sentiment, seeing her as just a friend. After the invasion, she was captured by .G.U.N., and taken back to Earth to be studied, though not in the ways she had experienced with Gerald, Maria and Shadow. She escaped after being allowed to take a stroll outside whilst guarded, but managed to hide when the guard turned his back. When he went looking for her, she made her escape, and went to look for Shadow. After finding him in the Mystic Ruins, he coerced her into trying to steal the Master Emerald for his own gain, asking her to set up a friendship with Knuckles The Echidna so they could get closer to the Emerald, but this backfired when Gina fell in love with Knuckles, and, later, Knuckles with her. She thwarted Shadow's pan and thus lost his friendship and only made the rift between Shadow and Knuckles even bigger.

Personality: She is easily manipulated, especially by people she cares about, (e.g Shadow) unable to bring herself to say no when they need help, even if their plans or schemes are deemed to be wrong. She does have a sense of justice, and her conscience will get the better of her sooner or later.

Strengths: 'Boarding.'

Weaknesses: Easily manipulated.



Partner: Knuckles The Echidna


Kerin The Fawn (Friend)
Knuckles The Echidna (Boyfriend)
Shadow The Hedgehog (Friend and Rival)

Likes: 'Boarding', Angel Island.

Dislikes: Fights, confrontation, being manipulated, hurting someone.

Fears: Seeing her friends getting hurt.

Sayings: "I will not hurt someone if they do not deserve it, k?"

Extra: N/A
Gina's Bio :)

Gina is copyright me.
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July 24, 2011
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